Phil Ochs Archives

When digging through the collection online the first questions that comes to mind is naming? Why is the collection called the Phil Ochs Papers when there are clearly other materials in the collection? How are names chosen and how much do names matter?

I am fascinated with the assessing part of archiving. How does one decide what will or won’t make it into the collection? What happens to rejected items? What if one of the rejected items turns out to be of importance, do they try to get it back? Are these items recorded so they and others will know that  information has passed through if they should need it in the future? I would be terrified to pass on something that may hold key information and I can imagine the archivists are to an extent as well. It seems like so much pressure but also so interesting at the same time.

I feel I am all questions at this point I am so fascinated by this process. When dealing with things like fan mail, where it may be hard to track down the original author, how does the center get permission to display?


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  1. Stacy Takacs · February 28, 2018

    The question about fan mail is a terrific question. Please bring it up today! It’s way more complicated than you think.


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