The main page of the website ( http://www.timetoast.com/ ) looks basic and minimal. Not a lot of colors, fonts or graphics. It almost has an 80s vibe to with the polka dot and stripe design.  I signed up for the free version, which was quick and easy. There were 2 other options that had a monthly fee but no advertising plus some other perks. I think if the class were to use this for the project cost might be an issue. The tools we would need would cost between $6-9 per student.

The company was founded in 2008 by one man in the Netherlands who is still the CEO. I know nothing about business so I don’t know if eight years is stable or not in the tech world. He looks nice in his picture.

I found nothing specific about what images could or couldn’t be used on their site. They reccomend 40-50 events per timeline and say no more that 150 events per time line. Depending on how much information one may want to add this could be limiting. Adding too many events to the timeline could cause it to be hard to find or view. I think the event limitation alone could hinder our class project on Phil Ochs (there is no timeline yet for him on Timetoast).



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  1. chelseabuczek · April 16, 2018

    I also thought Timetoast was lackluster, too basic and boring. However it gets the job done, except that you can’t embed. I also think that the policy for ownership kinda stinks.


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