This semester has been an adventure I won’t soon forget. I have learned a lot and I have certainly grown more confident. Putting myself out there on the internet is not as scary as I originally thought. I have learned that I would much rather deal in the spoken word than in the written. I never expected to enjoy doing the podcasts but it’s something I can see myself continuing in the future.

I am fairly new to Spotify and have not had time to download a lot of music so on a recent 6-hour car trip all I had was David Bowie and Phil Ochs. It was an interesting combo for sure, but it forced me to really listen to his music and the lyrics. So many of the are just as relevant today as they were then. My kids and I have played around with changing some of the lyrics to make them fit today’s world. For example, one line in “Here’s to the state of Mississippi” my 13 yr. old was particularly fond of – “Oh, here’s to the land you’ve torn out the heart of Donald Trump find yourself another country to be part of”. We usually talked about this while I was doing dishes with the music going so I did not get a chance to write many of them down, unfortunately.

I am thankful that this course forced me to step out in the digital world. It has been something I’ve been terrified to do and part of the reason I took this class. I learned a lot of new skills I’m excited to take with me to the real world. The infographic and the podcast were my favorite assignments and will definitely use those skills again soon.



  1. joshuardavidson · May 9, 2018

    You both definitely need to start a podcast together. You have a great dynamic together. I would subscribe to that feed! I’ll be waiting for the in-depth dive into the Radical Fairies.


  2. Stacy Takacs · May 14, 2018

    Agreed. All of America is waiting for a deep-dive into the Radical Fairies with Amanda and Olivia. All you need is a catchy name…ideas?


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